Microsoft introduces the Surface Studio

Described as the perfect tool for artists.

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In Manhattan on Tuesday Microsoft unveiled a new device called the Microsoft Surface Studio. It is marketed as the perfect tool for artists as you can draw directly on the 28" Pixel Sense screen. The Surface Studio can be purchased for different price points depending on the hardware, and although there's no UK pricing just yet, we know the cheapest version is available for $2,999 US dollars and the most expensive for $4,199, translating to roughly £2446 and £3425 respectively, so maybe that's a ball park figure to expect.

The technical specifications are i5 / i7 Intel Core processor, up to 4GB of NVIDIA GeForce GPU and up to 32GB of RAM. The display is said to be the thinnest of its kind at 12.5mm, showing up to 13.5 million pixels - 64% more than a 4K TV.

It is designed to work with a range of different accessories, including the new Surface Dial that can be placed on the screen to bring up different menus and adjust things like volume and brightness.

You can see a video showing it in all its glory below. How impressive is this latest bit of tech from Microsoft?

Microsoft introduces the Surface Studio

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