Microsoft looking into digital sharing on Xbox One

The plan to allow sharing games might return.

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Think back to 2013, specifically the Xbox One reveal. There were some good features and some not so good ones. Near the top of the list of good features was the ability to share digitally purchased games with friends and family. This never came into being, however, as the backlash surrounding the Xbox One's DRM caused Microsoft to cancel many of the features that were initially announced.

Now, though, the head of programming at Microsoft's Xbox division, Mike Ybarra, says the team is looking into the system with regards to how it fits in with the Universal Windows Platform, the platform meant to unify all your Windows-powered devices.

"Steam has a great family plan right now," Ybarra says. "We're looking at both from a Windows standpoint - well, what's our policy of the Windows Store? How many people can play concurrent? How do you share? We're going to merge those two topologies soon so that a whole new model for how you share games across that will be in place. We're actively working on that now to try to figure [it out], but we want to get to a much simpler model and potentially one that lets you do more... have a little bit more freedom in what you can and can't do."

Right now digitally sharing games with a friend is convoluted enough to make this a very welcome addition to the Xbox One if and when it does arrive.

Microsoft looking into digital sharing on Xbox One

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