Microsoft unveils Hololens 2, Developer Kit and Mixed Reality

The Redmond-based company was at MWC in Barcelona to show off its latest wares.

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Gamereactor is at MWC where Microsoft yesterday revealed their HoloLens 2, Mixed Reality and cloud computing combined.

The Hololens headset features eye tracking, 47 pixels per degree of sight (double up from the first generation), power saving functions, depth sensors, and built-in AI "with semantic understanding".

Microsoft promises that greatly enhanced immersion, direct manipulation of holograms, as well as an "enhanced centre of gravity" due to the usage of carbon-fibre, better thermals with vapour chamber cooling, and an adjustable fit, and ability to use the device while wearing glasses. Microsoft also claims to have "tripled the measured comfort and ergonomics of the device".

To go along with the HoloLens 2, Microsoft offers Dynamics 365, Remote Assistant, Layout and Guides. There is also partner software and support for the new Azure system. The HoloLens 2 costs $3500, while the software will be subscription-based, with Dynamics 365 Remote Assistant starting at $125 per month.

The first wave countries are:

New Zealand

The Azure system includes the Azure Kinect Developer Kit, AI sensors with depth perception sensors developed for the HoloLens2, camera and a microphone. The main target is the health care sector, and the idea is a device that, simply put, can sense and understand the world around it. The pre-order price is $399.

Is this the future - or another step towards Skynet? Only time will tell.

Microsoft unveils Hololens 2, Developer Kit and Mixed Reality
Microsoft unveils Hololens 2, Developer Kit and Mixed Reality

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