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Microsoft would like to see Game Pass on all platforms

We had a talk with Ben Decker and Matt Percy from Microsoft about the future of the service at Gamescom.

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The Xbox Game Pass subscription model has been a hit for Microsoft so far, as the company has been offering access to tons of games and even providing day-one launches for their upcoming exclusive games. During an interview which will soon arrive on Gamereactor's site, we asked head of gaming services Ben Decker about what the future would hold for the service in an ideal world, to which he said:

"You know, we would like to see Game Pass on all platforms ultimately and I think that is a long term goal. We don't have any specific plans today, but we would love to see Game Pass really go everywhere."

Now let's just see whether Nintendo and Sony are willing to follow Microsoft's hopes for the future of gaming. As for the full interview, also including Xbox Live business lead Matt Percy, you can expect to see that very soon.

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Microsoft would like to see Game Pass on all platforms

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