Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons celebrates 15 million player milestone with Festival of Frost event

It started yesterday and runs until February 22.

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Minecraft Dungeons seemed like an odd project, as it's basically a dungeon crawler built with Minecraft tools. It has enormous amounts of content, tons of loot, plenty of secrets and some really good co-op, and managed to get really good reviews when it was launched in May 2020.

Since then, Mojang Studios has been continuing to flesh the game out, all while new adventurers discovered the fun across PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox. And now a new milestone has been reached, and the studio tweets:

Celebrate this exciting milestone with a wintery event! Between Feb 8-22, join the Festival of Frost, featuring chilly challenges and freezing rewards!"

So what is this Festival of Frost then? This is explained in detail on the official homepage together with patch notes for a brand new update, and there's also a brand new trailer below showing what's included. To sum it up, there are new winter themed Towers, Chills and Thrills trials are back and there is a Iceologer Cape that you'll receive for free just by logging in before the event ends on February 22.

Not bad at all. We look forward to trying this out, are you?

Minecraft Dungeons

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