Minecraft has now surpassed 300 million sold copies

It has only taken the game 15 years to achieve the feat.

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Minecraft really is a behemoth in the gaming space. Despite only launching 15 years ago, the blocky title has now surpassed a milestone that most other games could only dream of, as during the Minecraft Live celebrations over the weekend, Mojang revealed that the game has now sold over 300 million copies.

This means that Minecraft is rather quickly catching up with the leader of the pack, Tetris, which was most recently reported to have clocked in over 520 million sold copies over its lifetime and following its launch back in 1984.

To mark the incredible achievement by Minecraft, Mojang also shared some information about what the collective player base generally gets up to in one day in-game. We're told that 15 million skeletons are slayed, 700,000 cakes are baked, 6.7 million diamonds are mined, 8.8 million pickaxes are crafted, 915 km is travelled on piggyback, and 400,000 wolves are tamed.

No doubt it won't be long until Minecraft manages to crack another very impressive sales milestone, especially with the rate it is continuing to shift copies.


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