Minion Masters

Minion Masters has "a massive community"

We talk to Betadwarf's Steffen Kabbelgard about Minion Masters' success and console plans.

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We bumped into an old acquaintance on the GDC showfloor as Betadwarf's Steffen Kabbelgaard stood next to his game, Minion Masters: Forced to Duel, which he describes as "Hearthstone meets Clash Royale and League of Legends". It's seen a fair amount of success on PC in Early Access, and is now coming to Xbox One and launching fully. Check out our chat with Kabbelgaard below to find out more about the game and future plans.


Minion Masters: Forced to Duel will exit Early Access on May 24 and will see release on Xbox One on the same day.

Minion Masters

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