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Mister Terrific might show up in the DC Extended Universe

James Gunn has been teasing us again.

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Ever since it was announced that James Gunn and Peter Safran are the new bosses for the DC movie and TV efforts from now on, Gunn has been teasing his followers in various ways. Last week, he implied something Lobo related and now he is at it again.

Without any comment or explanation, Gunn shared an image of Mister Terrific. This hero knows a whole lot of martial arts, is one of the smartest people on Earth and speaks a plethora of languages - along with a whole range of other powers.

Exactly why Gunn shares him out of the blue is unknown, but a qualified speculation is that he will show up as a member of Justice Society of America (an organisation he is a member of in the comics), which was introduced in Black Adam, next time we get to see them. He could also be added as a sidekick in Gunn's upcoming second season of Peacemaker, which he is directing every episode of himself.

Mister Terrific might show up in the DC Extended Universe

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