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MME Simsport H+Sequential Shifter

Slovenian racing engineers over at MME Motorsport have put together a very good combo-gearbox for the hardcore sim-racing enthusiast.

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Last year I reviewed the MME Simsport handbrake and sequential Shifter, which was the first sim-racing product from the Slovenian racing engineers behind MME Motorsport and a capable and above all well built duo of gadgets that have been used for hundreds of hours in our sim-rig without a hint of issues. During the past two months, I have also had the opportunity to hard test the clearly more expensive combo box MME Simsport H+Sequential Shifter, which is one of the few solutions on the market that can act as both a sequential gearbox for those who want to shift gears like in a modern racing car and as a H-pattern-box for those who want to manually move gears, with clutch and all, like the good old racing days.

MME Simsport H+Sequential ShifterMME Simsport H+Sequential Shifter
$800 is a lot of money, but for the price you get two gearboxes in one, essentially.

There are unfortunately very few solutions of this type in the sim-racing world, which I find a little strange. To be able to switch between different types of gearboxes in one product is optimal in several ways, not least for those who intend to save space or not have to loosen and replace the box you're driving with in order to put another one in there. Of course, it is also cost-effective. German sim-racing giant Fanatec has the most well-known combo box Clubsport Shifter SQ and it is pretty good, considering the modest price, but it isn't great at any specific thing and doesn't have that right feel for those of us who are looking for pure realism. The Fanatec box is too soft, simply put. And this is where MME Simsport comes into the picture.

MME Simsport H+Sequential ShifterMME Simsport H+Sequential Shifter
You get two separate gear sticks in the package, both made with carbon fibre and perfectly finished.

The MME Simsport H+Sequential Shifter is hand-built, made entirely of metal components and is very durable. It weighs in at close to four (!) kilos, is incredibly compact and rock hard and there is absolutely nothing that rattles, flexes or moves in this gearbox. Calling it solid would of course not be technically correct, but that's how it feels. Like a solid block of aluminium anodised in MME's signature blue hue. The construction is also ingenious. The two aluminium screws that are located on each side of the gearbox body act as braces, which manage the shifting between sequential gearbox and H-pattern. All you need to do is to loosen them with your fingers until you are able to move forward or backward, slide one forward and the other backward to change the nature of the transmission from sequential to H-pattern. It all takes four seconds and is ingeniously constructed.

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MME Simsport H+Sequential ShifterMME Simsport H+Sequential Shifter
It's heavy and robust.

In terms of shift feel and realism, both the sequential shift and the H-box itself are really good, but if I had to choose one of them, the 5-speed H-pattern box wins here. It feels the best, it feels really good. Shifting gears in an old Lancia Delta HF Integrale in Dirt Rally 2.0 and slamming into first, second, third and pumping our Heusinkveld Ultimate Plus clutch at the bottom is a feeling that must be applauded and recommended. The gears are distinct, the box is precise and the precision in how it feels is reminiscent of an old, well-built race car. There is little to no risk of missing gears here due to loose rubber gaskets like in Fanatec's cheaper equivalent and there is no risk of material wear and tear in this product as everything is made of metal. In the end it is easy for me to recommend the MME Simsport H+Sequential Shifter which is a neat combo box and a very well built product for the hardcore sim-racing enthusiast.

MME Simsport H+Sequential Shifter
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8 / 10
Superb build quality. Great design. Distinct and realistic shifter-feel. Easy to mount. Versatile. The blue hue looks good.
The sequential gear-function could use a more metallic "click" when shifting.
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