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M&M's is ditching its spokescandies following multiple backlashes

Maya Rudolph will be taking over as the brand's spokesperson.

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We've all become quite familiar with seeing the iconic spokescandies gracing the front of M&M's bags over the years, but this will be changing going forward. Because following another backlash after an American politician called out a recent footwear change on one of the M&M's to be "woke", the chocolate brand has decided that enough is enough and that the spokescandies need to be benched in favour of a new spokesperson.

As noted in a statement posted on M&M's Twitter, the change was never intended to "break the internet", rather it was expected to not be noticed at all. But as M&M's notes, "even a candy's shoes can be polarising."

This has led to M&M's deciding to bring on comedian Maya Rudolph on as its new spokesperson, someone they hope will "champion the power of fun to create a world where everyone feels they belong."

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Either way, this all seems like a whole lot of overaction that will unfortunately see the chocolate industry losing one of its most iconic mascots.

M&M's is ditching its spokescandies following multiple backlashes

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