Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise's next Capcom collaboration event is with Okami

Players will be able to equip an armour set inspired by Ammy to their Palamute.

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We knew from Monster Hunter Rise's recent roadmap that more collaborations with iconic Capcom series would be on the way, but one we didn't expect to see was Okami. Despite being one of the most beloved titles in Capcom's entire catalogue, the Zelda-like game sadly never really branched out too far, as the only other title released besides re-releases on many different consoles was Ōkamiden on the DS.

This latest collaboration in Monster Hunter Rise enables players to receive an Ammy Costume for their Palamute if they complete an upcoming Event Quest. This collab event is said to kick off on July 30 and it follows the previous event that was themed after Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. A third Capcom collab is said to come next month and a third and fourth are planned for later this year.

You can take a look at the trailer for the Okami collaboration in the video above.

Monster Hunter Rise

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