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Dragon Age: Origins

More Dragon Age in development

Straight from Muzyka himself

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Ray Muzyka has told NowGamer that Bioware is, in fact, working on un-announced Dragon Age-related material. We kinda new they did, considering that mysterious piece of paper that turned up in Dragon Age: Awakening-boxes across the US, but it's nice to have a quote to back it up.

"There's a rich tapestry of history and timeline and kingdoms and empires that have been referenced in the original Dragon Age, and some [that] have not, but the franchise is to go to different places in the world and dive deeper into some of the interesting people you get to meet - Awakening certainly does that - and we have other parts already in development that we haven't announced yet," Muzyka said. He also said that the franchise was designed to allow for sequels in the first place.

It's all good for me, since I've started to dabble in the Dragon Age-toolset and don't want you to forget about the game by the time I have finished my masterpiece in 2045. Just keep 'em coming, Bioware!

Dragon Age: Origins

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