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Silent Hill 2 Remake

More information about Silent Hill 2 Remake in developer interview

The original developers will make sure the remake stays true to its roots.

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During a deep dive with the developers behind the upcoming remake, we've gained new perspectives on the development. Silent Hill 2 stands as one of the most beloved horror games of all-time, and while the remake is being handled by Bloober Team, the people behind the original are involved in its development.

Producer Motoi Okamoto, concept artist Masahiro Ito, and composer Akira Yamaoka discuss both the original and work on the remake in a new IGN interview. Akira shares how he's tired of making music the same way as the original, but cherishes its legacy and tries to preserve it. He stresses that the music also created emotion and nostalgia for the players. We also get some interesting information on how technology has changed, since the PlayStation 2 days. You can listen to the interview below.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

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