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More M3GAN seems to be on the way

Despite the recent domestic release of the horror film, a sequel has already been planned.

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It has only been a few days since the sci-fi horror film revolving around a killer robotic doll called M3GAN landed in cinemas in the US (it'll arrive in UK theatres later this week). The movie came out the gates to a pretty impressive domestic opening weekend, but failed to knock the titan of Avatar: The Way of Water off its throne. But even though the film has only just debuted, it seems like there are plans to extend and expand this freaky series.

As reported on by Deadline, it's noted that there are both plans for a sequel, and also there is potential for a "'gorier' and an unrated" edition of the current theatrical version, one where M3GAN's body count is higher than what is currently shown in movie theatres.

There's no time frame attached to either of these ideas as of yet, and it's likely that we won't hear much else until the film concludes its theatrical run, but regardless, would more M3GAN be something you'd be interested in?

Check out the trailer for M3GAN below.


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