Mortal Shell
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Mortal Shell is getting its first DLC this summer

The Souls-like will also be heading to Steam.

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Mortal Shell, one of our favourite Souls-likes in recent memory, is due to receive its first DLC this summer. The DLC is titled Virtuous Cycle, and judging by its 46-second teaser, it appears to be adding a new area and a new character class (or shell). No specifics are revealed in the teaser, but the weapon shown is of particular interest, as it appears to be a dual-purpose axe that can be split into two katanas during the heat of battle.

The teaser for the Virtuous Cycle DLC also revealed another interesting detail. At the very end, Steam was listed amongst the game's platforms. Mortal Shell released as an Epic Games Store exclusive back in 2020, so we are guessing that it will soon break free from its exclusivity.

Are you pleased to see that Mortal Shell is receiving post-release content?

Mortal Shell

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