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Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell's Virtuous Cycle DLC is free for a five-day period

The DLC helps to transform the game into a roguelike experience.

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Well, this is pretty unexpected. Cold Symmetry has revealed that it will be celebrating the first anniversary of Mortal Shell by offering its first slice of DLC completely free for a limited five-day period. Between August 18 and August 23 The Virtuous Cycle DLC can be downloaded and permanently added to your library for no cost, but beyond this duration, it will revert to the price of £6.99.

The DLC, if you are unaware, will transform the game into a roguelike experience. Here enemies and their placements will be randomised upon death and there will be more than 100 abilities that players that can equip and combine. These abilities are said to include weapon enhancements and new combat maneuvers. The game's fifth shell Hardern is also available as part of the expansion and so is a new weapon that switches between an axe and a katana.

"Since we launched Mortal Shell back in August 2020 we have been thinking about how to give our fans something truly special that demonstrates our sincere appreciation for their support," said Kiron Ramdewar, Head of PC and Console at Mortal Shell's publisher Playstack.

He added: "The Virtuous Cycle Expansion has been packed with content that fans of the genre will love, and provides a new unique way to experience the rich Mortal Shell universe. We can't wait to see how new and old players will tackle our new roguelike mode when venturing into the depths of Fallgrim".

Mortal Shell

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