Dead Cells

Motion Twin says farewell to Dead Cells

After seven years, four DLCs, and 18 updates, the developer is finally ready to move on.

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Since its 2017 early access launch, Dead Cells has become one of the absolute giants of the roguelite genre. Over the past seven years, developer Motion Twin has rolled out four DLCS, 18 updates, and several crossovers, but its now ready to move on.

The upcoming update, version 35, will be the game's last, and last year's Castlevania DLC was the last major DLC. Now Motion Twin is putting all its focus on the newly announced Windblown, and Evil Empire also has new things to announce shortly. This is all while Dead Cells continues to live on not only on our screens and in our hearts, but also under a different guise. An animated TV series adaptation and a board game are also in early production.

Dead Cells

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