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League of Legends

MSI 2023 Finals Match Report: JDG v BLG

A repeat of the LPL finals saw MSI 2023 conclude in dramatic fashion

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It was a rematch for the ages in the final game of MSI 2023, as the rising fist of the LPL, Bilibili Gaming, attempted to take down the league's golden left hand and current champions, JD Gaming, in a revenge series for the title.

Game 1 (JDG win)
JDG: Gragas; Nautilus; Jayce; Jinx; Rakan
BLG: Jax; Maokai; Syndra; Aphelios; Lulu

JDG started off the series strong, showcasing an extremely strong laning phase. BLG stuck to their game plan of stacking Dragons, but JDG were able to leverage their lane leads to slow this gameplan down until the Baron spawned. BLG were forced to fight aced around Baron, and JDG took the win in a dominant 25 minute showing, with Knight going deathless.

Game 2 (BLG win)
BLG: Gwen; Maokai; Jayce; Jinx; Rakan
JDG: Sion; Wukong; Annie; Xayah; Lulu

A sneaky four man invade at level one secured first blood for JDG, but Elk managed to find a kill in return. BLG came alive in the mid game, finding the Ocean Dragon, which they converted into JDG's bot tier 1 and a kill onto Knight. BLG took the Baron but were wiped besides Elk, and it looked like JDG could come back into the game. On, however, found a great pick in the mid lane, and BLG barrelled around the map, taking tier 2 mid and claiming the Infernal Soul and an Inhibitor. A great baiting retreat play in the top lane caught JDG off guard and they were aced, allowing BLG to close out the game and make it a series.

League of Legends
Riot Games

Game 3 (JDG win)
JDG: Sion; Sejuani; Jayce; Zeri; Rakan
BLG: Kennen; Kha'Zix; Annie; Vayne; Lulu

The audience went absolutely insane when Vayne was locked in for this game, but sadly it didn't pay off for BLG. And I have to say, I see what they were going for, but Kog'maw would've been a better fit in terms of attack range. It was a slower early game with a lot of close calls for first blood, which eventually went to Ruler. From then on he and Knight were unstoppable, finding kills around the map and building a 4k gold lead at 16 minutes. JDG played objective macro flawlessly and cleanly closed out the game.

Game 4 (JDG win)
BLG: Gnar; Vi; Sylas; Xayah; Rakan
JDG: Sion; Maokai; Jayce; Aphelios; Thresh

Yet another game of domination for JDG in the laning phase. Xun looked to drag BLG back into the game on the first Dragon, but was forced away by Kanavi, who then pathed top and secured first blood for 369. JDG found the objective and three free kills around the second Dragon, building a 3.5k gold lead at 14 minutes. A confident Knight enageged solo onto Xun and Yagao in the top lane and killed them both, securing JDG the Baron and the MSI trophy.

JDG are your MSI 2023 champions, and put the League of Legends Esports world on notice as they look ahead to claiming the next LPL split, and potentially being the first organisation in the game's history to complete the Golden Road.

League of Legends
Riot Games

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