MSI has invented a cheating monitor

The AI literally lets you cheat in certain games.

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At a glance, the MPG 321URX QD-OLED monitor looks like a really nice package. It gives you full 4K, 240Hz refresh rate, 0.03ms reponse time, Vesa ClearMR13000, latest OLED Care 2.0, VRR, ALLM, HDMI 2.1 - all in all, a fantastic 32" 99% DCI-P3 gaming monitor with built-in KVM switch and 90 Watt PD.

So... Whats the problem? Well, as Terminator and The Matrix taught us, AI is the problem.

We are not talking about the Optix scope, a built-in aim magnifier that allows you to use an unnatural zoom. It has that as well, but this is far worse.

One of the features is called AI Skysight. It scans the in-game minimap and indicates with a big icon on the HUD from which way enemies come, and has an instant detect function.

It also features an RGB health bar that auto-detects your in-game health, and lights up accordingly, ensuring that you are not unaware of your current situation when it comes to the healthbar, freeing up your focus to do something else.

So far it has only been showcased using League of Legends, but MSI clearly states that the AI can not only be upgraded via firmware, but can also be trained with additional modules. And since we must assume that everything happens in the monitor, and not software on you computer, it is in reality, not detectable, and other games can have this feature as well, given just a bit of time.

There is also the possibility of enemy prioritizing, you monitor giving off a specific colour of light each time an enemy comes in to your crosshair, depending on how big of a threat they are. Or perhaps it will start flagging to which side you are 99% sure to encounter your next enemy in PVP?

It may be available starting next month depending on the source, with no official price, while some independent analysts claim to know the price will be $1200.

MSI has invented a cheating monitor
MSI has invented a cheating monitor

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