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Netflix: What to watch in November 2022

Wondering what you should be looking out for on Netflix this month? Let us help you with that.

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The average consumer is bombarded with new content on the major streaming services alone. Movies and TV series added frequently and in a way that can be enormously difficult to figure out what to watch and what's new.

Of course, you can keep an eye out for reviews of specific shows and movies here on Gamereactor, but we also think it might be worth adding a list of possible highlights.

So have we seen it all? No, of course not, but based on the reviews, the creative personalities involved and a little gut feeling, we've put together a list for you, while also trying to cast a wide net.

Below you'll find the list, with some original descriptions to try and keep it as official as possible, as well as selected trailers and images.

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TV series

Young Royals: Season 2 - November 1

Blockbuster - November 3
Can you even remember the last time you rented a physical movie? Imagine how hard it must be to run such an establishment in 2022, and this is the premise of a new Netflix sitcom, where we get to follow the last Blockbuster.

Netflix: What to watch in November 2022
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Manifest: Season 4 Part 1 - November 4
Manifest is back from the dead after NBC's cancellation. Netflix revived it for a fourth season and now we're finally going to get our answers to all the mysteries.

Netflix: What to watch in November 2022

The Crown: Season 5 - November 9
Netflix's fictionalised version of the British Royal Family has turned out to be extremely popular, and now it's time to follow Queen Elizabeth II during the roaring 90s.

Capturing the Killer Nurse - November 11


1899 - November 17

Dead to Me: Season 3 - November 17


Wednesday - November 23
The idea was to let Tim Burton do The Addams Family movies from the early 90s, but as he was doing Batman, he had to pass. Now he's getting his shot with the quirky family in the very promising series Wednesday.



Enola Holmes 2 - November 4
Enola is a big girl now and can most certainly solve cases by herself. But with some help from her friends. And probably also her somewhat more famous brother Sherlock.

Netflix: What to watch in November 2022

Falling for Christmas - November 10
Yup, it's time for Christmas again, which always means Christmas movies. One of them on Netflix is Falling for Christmas, where a spoiled heiress becomes unconscious during a skiing accident and learns a thing or two about being thankful and caring for other people. We shouldn't expect any surprises, but hopefully some wholesome family fun.

Netflix: What to watch in November 2022

My Father's Dragon - November 11
The stunningly beautiful animated movie My Father's Dragon launches for Netflix next week and offers adventures with Elmer Elevator who is looking for a dragon on Wild Island. We have high expectations on this one.

The Wonder - November 16

Christmas with You - November 17

Slumberland - November 18

The Swimmers - November 23

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