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Netflix's The Sandman is getting a second season

Lord Morpheus and the rest of the weird universe are coming back.

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We cannot say we're shocked or even the slightest surprised, considered how great and popular the first season of Netflix's The Sandman was... but we're still happy to announce that the series has now been renewed for a second season.

Neil Gaiman, who created the original comic the show is based on and also was executive producer, will still be involved to make sure The Sandman stays true to his vision, and he writes:

"There are some astonishing stories waiting for Morpheus & the rest of them... Now it's time to get back to work. There's a family meal ahead... And Lucifer is waiting for Morpheus to return to Hell."

There are no confirmations on when we can expect more, but 2023 seems unlikely, and 2024 is probably a safer bet. Are you looking forward to see more adventures with Lord Morpheus?

Netflix's The Sandman is getting a second season

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