Aion: The Tower of Eternity

New Aion area revealed

Check out a trailer of Poeta

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NCsoft have released a new trailer from the upcoming MMORPG Aion: The Tower of Eternity featuring the Poeta region. Below is a short description of the region that accompanied the trailer.

"Poeta, a lush island in Elysea, is home to farmers and villagers who attempt to live in peace beside the beautiful Cliona Lake. They cull their wood carefully from among the trees of Daminu Forest,in accordance with the ancient agreement they have with the Elim, the tree-people who live there.

However, their peace has been disrupted of late by an influx of Krall,a violent species of sentient humanoids who have harried the Elyos for centuries on behalf of their draconic masters. Now, they are commanding their Kobold slaves to cut down trees and dig up huge swaths of ground in the Kabarah Strip Mine in search of the mysterious ore Odium.

The Kalion Mercenaries are out of their depth, but perhaps there is someone else who can help-a secretive hermit by the name of Pernos, who lives on Agaric Spore Road with only the strange mushroom people for company."


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