New Bloodborne game appears registered in Australia, but it's a fake

A registration number associated with a video game called Bloodborne Mobile has appeared with the Australian Classification Board.

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Update: It seems that user Wario64 has been able to confirm that the supposed new Bloodborne game is missing, and so it appears on the Android Play Store. It looks like it's all down to a scam, one blatant enough to have passed through the Australian Classification Office without any alarm bells ringing. Here's a screenshot of what appears when you access the app:



Gamers have been clamouring for years for Sony and FromSoftware to pick up Bloodborne and bring out a new instalment of the PlayStation 4 title, or one with improved performance and resolution. For now it seems that plans for that are a long way off, but instead we've found a registration entry with the Australian Classification Board under the name Bloodborne Mobile.


First of all, the information is so sparse that we still don't know exactly what Bloodborne Mobile is. According to its listing, the title is listed as registered for a video game rated G, and both the development studio and publisher are listed as Great Rock Games, a name for which we have found no further information. Neither are the platforms, languages or possible release date confirmed, but in order to register under the name Bloodborne (Sony's trademark) you have to prove you own the rights to it, and since this is an official body, it can't have been the result of an opportunist who has taken the name for himself.

Whatever it is, Bloodborne Mobile is "something" to add to the vacuum of information we have about a future instalment of the obscure title, but more information about it could always be forthcoming in the future.

What do you think - is there a new, unannounced Bloodborne on the way?


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