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New enemies and NPC hidden in Bloodborne's code

Dataminer reveals further, unused NPC models.

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One of the better known Dark Souls dataminers Sanadsk shared a new video with never before seen footage of Bloodborne. The content creator managed to get his hands on the source code of the PlayStation 4 exclusive and found some unused creatures and NPC characters in depths of the code. There is even a golden furred beast which is, according to the Youtuber, likely was intended to be a boss, which eventually was cut out of the game because there were quite a few monstrosities who could have replaced him in the course of the development. One of the more interesting enemies hunters may have come across in Yharnam or the Pthumerian labyrinths is the fellow gargoyle you can see below on the picture. If that appeals to you, make sure to read the latest found in Bloodborne (a giant with a burning blade) and take a look at Sanadsk's Video, too. Fear the old blood, dear hunter.

This is one of the new creatures found in the source code of Bloodborne. Picture is taken from Sanadsk's Video.

Thanks, VG247.

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