F1 2021

New F1 2021 trailer shows off another look at Braking Point

And it touched on the two-player Career mode, Real-Season Start, and how the new-gen consoles impact the game.

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Yesterday, we reported on an F1 2021 stream that was set to show off another look at the Codemasters-developed racing title. Today, we have a new trailer for the game, as well as plenty of new information that touch on some of the new features coming in the next iteration of the series.

First of all was a look at Braking Point. We can expect to play as one of five teams and rise through the ranks of F2 and F1 across the course of three seasons, with a mix of racing and cutscenes. Then it also touched on the two-player Career mode, which will allow players to work together or against one another, with contract offers and team switches set to be available to explore.

There is also a new feature called Real-Season Start that allows players to dive into a reflection of the actual Formula One season, by taking over and playing out the rest of the season themselves.

F1 2021 is also looking to expand on the driver statistics that were introduced back in F1 2020. This time around, there will be some new stats, including a Focus Attribute, and these stats will be updated as the live season progresses.

Looking at how the new-gen consoles affect F1 2021, a blog post that provided a summary of the trailer stated: "Taking advantage of the new hardware, F1® 2021 delivers all these features with a stunning graphical uplift, better loading times, and force feedback, and a much more detailed damage model."

You can check out the features trailer below that showed off a little more about each of these aforementioned areas. As for when we can expect to get our hands-on F1 2021, the game is looking to release on July 16, 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

F1 2021

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