Sonic Mania

New gameplay reveals more of Sonic Mania's Green Hill

Take another look at the blue hedgehog's next adventure.

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Sega has released some footage showing off Green Hill Zone Act 2, an all-new area coming to Sonic Mania. Expanding on the original setting of stage, Act 2 is essentially a remixed version featuring new mechanics.

It's interesting to see Sonic's Fire Shield is now able to burn down bridges, allowing you to reach new areas of the level to explore.

The game will also feature new bosses called the "Hard-Boiled Heavies." Heavy Gunner is the first of these to be revealed. The large airborne robot is armed with a rocket launcher and appears at the end of the Hollywood-inspired Studiopolis Act.

Sonic Mania will be playable at PAX East this weekend. It's coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this spring.

Sonic ManiaSonic ManiaSonic Mania

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