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Macross Shooting Insight

New Macross game announced for PC and consoles

Macross Shooting Insight launches this year in Japan.

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Macross is one of the most classic anime series of all time, although perhaps better known as Robotech (although not entirely the same thing) for people who were kids in the 80s. The franchise has continued to be popular for over four decades, and has spawned both movies and video games - and now it's time for more of the latter.

Bushiroad Games has announced a title called Macross Shooting Insight, which launches this year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch. So far it's only confirmed for Japan, but considering that Macross is fairly popular everywhere, we'd say chances are pretty good that it will be released in Europe as well.

No details are known, others than that it will be an action title.

Macross Shooting Insight

Thanks, Siliconera.

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