Bleeding Edge

New map added to Bleeding Edge in latest update

New skins and various tweaks have also been added to the game in the latest content update.

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Combat specialist Ninja Theory released its latest game, Bleeding Edge, earlier this year and while many agreed that it's an enjoyable team brawler with lots going for it, pretty much everyone thought that it was lacking in content at launch. That situation has improved a little since March 24 thanks to the release of Mekko, a dolphin in a giant bowl-turned-mecha suit, and things got even better yesterday with the launch of a new map, Hydrocore.

As you can see in the extensive patch notes that accompanied the release of the new map, a bunch of new skins are now available for existing characters, and the developer has released a bunch of quality of life improvements, too.

If you're still playing Bleeding Edge, what would you like to see added to the game next?

Bleeding Edge

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