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New Marathon details revealed in behind-the-scenes video

Bungie plans to go dark on the game for a while, but they've given us a few more titbits first.

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Bungie took us all by surprise a couple of days ago when it revealed Marathon, a return to its first IP after almost 30 years since its inception. While we only got a cinematic trailer at the PlayStation Showcase, Bungie has given us some more details in a behind-the-scenes video.

The video, entitled "What is Marathon?" gives us insight into some gameplay mechanics that sound incredibly ambitious. For example, it is alluded to by Bungie that in the game, there are some progression mechanics that can lead to things being unlocked for the entire community, such as artefacts being found in games that can unlock new maps.

Bungie is targeting player-lead stories with this extraction shooter, and is allowing the player to make a lot of choices by the looks of things, including player progression and build variety.

Check out the video in full below. Are you hyped for Marathon?


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