New Minecraft keyboards give your keys a blocky makeover

They come in all sorts of styles, including my personal favourite - the grass block keyboard.

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To celebrate Minecraft's 15th anniversary, PC and peripheral brand Highground has brought out a new collection of Minecraft-inspired keyboards, mouse mats, and more.

The keyboards are the real highlight of the collection, giving enthusiasts the chance to redesign their keyboard with new blocky keys or just get a new keyboard entirely. There are multiple designs for fans to choose from, from a Creeper-inspired look to a more homely design with Steve and some animals frolicking in the sunshine.

You've also got an inventory look as well as a lot of designs based on blocks. Sadly, the keyboard featuring the most blocks is now sold out. You can check out all the designs for yourself here, but be warned they're of quite a hefty price tag, with the minimum spend for one of these keyboards being $145.

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