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Quantum Break

New Quantum Break patch in the works

Will hopefully unbreak the game for those with problems on Windows 10.

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Remedy's Quantum Break has enjoyed a fairly problem free launch on Xbox One, but sadly the Windows 10 version has received a lot of complaints over the lack of optimisation.

These complaints are however being addressed, and now Remedy's head of PR Thomas Puha has announced on his personal Twitter, that a title update is in the works, and that it's targeting the end of the week for release on both platforms:

"Both the Xbox One and Win10 @QuantumBreak Title Updates are in the certification process right now. #QuantumBreak"

"So the Title Update's are still in testing and have been since last week, still some bugs to fix."

"We are hoping to get them out by the end of the week but if there are problems in testing, could be postponed. Hoping not! #QuantumBreak"

Quantum Break

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