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Transformers: Reactivate

New Transformers Reactivate Images Appear Online

Unfortunately, they are from an older version of the game.

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Announced at The Game Awards earlier this month, Transformers Reactivate is an upcoming action game featuring the iconic robots in disguise. Apart from the fact that it will allow up to four players, not much is known about Transformers Reactivate.

Now, there is technically a first look floating about online thanks to some discovered in-game screenshots from what appears to be a test build or early alpha footage from the game. As reported on by TheGamer, these screenshots are from when Transformers Reactivate was known as Transformers Rise and being worked on by Certain Affinity.

Now, the game has moved over to Splash Damage, meaning a lot of the features shown in the screenshots could be changed. However, there are some interesting details to note from these screenshots, including what appears to be Decepticons and Autobots working together.

Hopefully, we'll see more of Transformers Reactivate soon and know how much of the new game is in these old images.

Transformers: Reactivate

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