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New UK homes will have a mandated gigabit internet connection

The government has passed a new law that aims to improve the country's data infrastructure.

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The UK government has passed a new bill that aims to improve the country's data infrastructure. The bill will ensure that all new homes being constructed in England will now need a mandatory gigabit internet connection, making for lightning-fast broadband speeds all across the country.

The bill aims to improve on the current governmental figures that state that 72% of homes across the country are capable of achieving such download speeds, even though many households are not actually fitted with such a broadband connection.

The report states: "The updated regulations mean that more people moving into new homes will have a gigabit-capable broadband connection ready when construction is completed, avoiding the need for costly and disruptive installation work after the home is built and enabling residents to arrange the best possible internet service at the point they move in."

This improved regulation will also look to bypass landlords who are unresponsive to improving internet capabilities, as part of a second follow-up law.

There is a catch to the bill however, as property developers will only have to install broadband connections up to a capped cost of £2000 per home. For places that go over this cap for the desired gigabit speed, the next fastest connection within the capped cost will be used instead - although the government has stated that 98% of homes should get the promised gigabit speeds.

Talking about the law, digital minister Julia Lopez added: "Thanks to our new laws, millions of renters will no longer be prevented from getting a broadband upgrade due to the silence of their landlord, and those moving into newly built homes can be confident they'll have access to the fastest speeds available from the day they move in."

This will surely overcome the problems with not being able to play online multiplayer games without lagging all over the place.

New UK homes will have a mandated gigabit internet connection

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