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Watch Dogs 2

New Watch Dogs 2 expansion detailed

New areas, story missions, Elite co-op mode, and more.

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When Ubisoft revealed Watch Dogs 2's season pass they would only give us a short overview of each expansion. Now it's time to get more specific details about the second expansion, Human Conditions.

We already knew that it will include three new story missions, but now we've gotten more detailed information about two of them. Automata tasks us to investigate Nudle's self-driving cars, as their biometric sensors aren't just analysing the persons in the car, but in the surrounding environments as well. The car uses this biometric data to determine someone's "Life Score", allowing the system to make valued judgements about who should live or die in car accidents. For instance, if your "Life Score" is lower than the pedestrian you're about to crash into, the car will instead crash into a wall to save the pedestrian. A technology that definitely seems worth looking into, don't you think?

Bad Medicine sees us join forces with Jordi from the original Watch Dogs again, as the Russian mafia has taken the city's hospitals hostage. Unfortunately, the Russians won't be our only problem, as Jordi still isn't entirely trustworthy.

The new Elite co-op mission won't just be more challenging with the new enemy class called Jammers (who disable your hacking abilities), but they'll also feature multiple objectives in larger mission areas.

Both the new story missions and co-op mode will let us explore new areas when Human Conditions becomes available on PlayStation 4 February 21, with PC and Xbox One players getting it on March 23. You can get a taste of what awaits in the video below.

Watch Dogs 2

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