New World

New World's closed beta has already attracted 190,000 concurrent players

This all-time peak occurred two days ago, but the numbers are still strong.

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Amazon Game Studio's upcoming MMO New World might not officially release until this August, but it's starting to pull in some big numbers on Stream through its closed beta.

According to SteamDB, the game peaked at 190,000 concurrent players two days and the numbers are still strong with the 24-hour peak only being a slightly less 188,542. The game is also seeing success over on Twitch, as it's currently one of the most viewed games on the platform with 130,000 watching at the time of writing.

If you are unaware, New World's closed beta is now active for those who pre-ordered the game and it is set to run until August 2. During the beta period, Amazon has teamed up with popular streamers Gronkh, JoshOG, Naguura, Sacriel, Smashley, and Zerator to lead teams in the game. The winning team is set to receive 100 copies of New World to hand out to their followers as well as a special Twitch drop to run on their channels.

We recently got the chance to play through the first hour of New World's PvE content. You can check out our impressions here.

New World

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