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Overwatch 2

New York Excelsior has dropped its entire roster

The Overwatch League team will be undergoing a full rebuild for the 2023 season.

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The New York Excelsior did not have a great 2022 Overwatch League season. The team failed to make it to the Playoffs after having one of the worst records in the entire league, which is why it's not exactly surprising to hear that there will be radical changes for the 2023 season.

As stated in a tweet, the entire 2022 NYXL roster has been released, meaning a full rebuild is on the horizon for next year. This means that Lim "Flora" Young-woo, Kim "Yaki" Jun-ki, Kim "Kellan" Min-jae, Kang "Gangnamjin" Nam-jin, Jeon "Ho1" Ho-won, and An "ANSOONJAE" Soon-jae are all free agents from now on.

"Today we say goodbye to the current Excelsior roster.

"We want to thank them all for their continued hard work throughout the season, and we wish them the best in their future; they will always be a part of the NYXL family."

There's no word as of right now where these players will be heading for the 2023 season, or who NYXL is eyeing up to sign as their replacements.

Overwatch 2

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