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Dragon Quest Heroes IIScore

Dragon Quest Heroes II

Nintendo Switch / PC / PS Vita / PS3 / PS4

"Overall it's a noticeable improvement over the first, and Musou fans will find it a joy to play."

Text: Brandon Green
Berserk and the Band of the HawkScore

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

PC / PS Vita / PS4

"This faithful interpretation of the manga will satisfy fans of the series, but it's also a good starting point for newcomers."

Text: Brandon Green
Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XVScore

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV


"The film has a good tale to tell, but if you have no prior experience to Final Fantasy XV, then you may get lost in the story."

Text: Brandon Green



"Whilst it could do with further refinement, it still has heart, but with shooters like Doom and Killing Floor 2 making an impact in 2016, Unloved may get a little overlooked."

Text: Brandon Green
Blazblue: Central FictionScore

Blazblue: Central Fiction


"If you look past a couple of minor issues you'll be rewarded with great combat, deep mechanics and a wealth of content."

Text: Brandon Green
Deponia is out now for PS4

Deponia is out now for PS4

iOS / Mac / PC / PS3 / PS4 / PSN

With its sequels to follow.

Text: Brandon Green

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