Disney Speedstorm

Next seasons of Disney Speedstorm will be paid for with real money

All previous content in Gameloft's game could be unlocked with in-game currency, which could be earned by playing the game.

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Gameloft has published a post with an update for future Disney Speedstorm content. The Barcelona-based studio will soon be introducing some new features to the racing title, the most notable being Tournaments.

Thanks to feedback from the community, the Tournaments will be global competitions separated by seasons (the first will start with Season 7, which arrives on 17 April) in which you can earn Vault points, with which you can then purchase accessories, both free and premium. The seasons will now be divided into two parts, each with 4 or 5 chapters. However, this also brings changes for Gold Passes and Vaults Passes, as from now on the former can only be purchased with real money and not with in-game currency.

Each of these Gold Passes (two per season) will cost €9.99 and €19.99, and will also come with a 15-level upgrade.

Naturally, this change in the game's rewards policy has not gone down well with all Disney Speedstorm pilots, who have taken to sharing their complaints and doubts about the game's future on the Reddit sub-forum. Some are even calling for a direct boycott of the game. We'll see if this new path for Disney Speedtorm leads them to success or if they go off track.

Disney Speedstorm

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