Nightmare Kart, formerly Bloodborne Kart, is ready to launch next month

The fan-made game has since had all relation to Sony's exclusive removed.

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Considering Sony and FromSoftware seemingly have no interest in bringing Bloodborne to PC, PS5, or giving us a sequel, it has been up to fans to fulfil their Bloodborne-related dreams. Lilith "Bunlith" Walther began a project some time ago known as Bloodborne Kart.

Following a notice from Sony about using copyrighted material, Walther changed the game to Nightmare Kart. You'll probably still notice some similarities, but the game is legally distinct, which means hopefully no one is getting sued.

You can check out the trailer below. Nightmare Kart features 20 playable characters, a versus mode, 16 maps, and a campaign mode with boss fights. Not bad for a game that's being released for free next month.


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