Nintendo might allow Samus Aran in Fortnite

But they have a very specific and perhaps somewhat unreasonable demand before allowing this.

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There have been plenty of famous guest appearances in Fortnite, but as you've probably noticed, no one from Nintendo is there, despite fans begging for a Samus Aran skin.

But Nintendo has so far blocked anything like that, even though they would actually consider allowing it - with a very specific counterclaim. This was revealed by Epic Games chief creative officer Donald Mustard in an interview with Game File where he said:

"They got really hung up on their characters showing up on platforms that weren't their platforms. They would be thrilled to have Nintendo characters in Fortnite, but just only if it's on their platform."

This, of course, was completely unthinkable for Epic, whose Fortnite doesn't work that way at all, something both Microsoft and Sony accepted when they let Master Chief and Kratos mess around in the game last year. Mustard continues:

"For me and for all of Epic, we're like, 'That is an absolute must. We want to make sure that Fortnite is the same experience, no matter what screen or device you're playing on.'"

Is this a reasonable demand from Nintendo, do you think?


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