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Nintendo Switch has become France's best-selling console

It has beaten the Wii to take the record.

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The Nintendo Switch just continues to sell everywhere it is on the market. The hybrid console is currently the fourth best-selling console of all-time after hunting down the record set by the PlayStation 4 late last year.

But in the spirit of records, it has been reported that the Switch has now overtaken the Nintendo Wii to become France's best-selling console. This comes off the back of another monster year for the system in the country, as it has been said that one of every two consoles sold in the country over 2022 was a Switch, making for a total of 987,000 units shifted in France alone.

This puts the Switch's sales up to 7.1 million in France, which means it has beaten the Wii's record of 6.3 million sales.

As for what's next for the Switch in France, it will be eyeing up the Nintendo DS, which is the country's best-selling system of all-time, with 10.6 million units sold. The DS will also be one of the next consoles on a global scale that the Switch will need to catch up to now that it has knocked the PS4 off its fourth-placing all-time throne.

Nintendo Switch has become France's best-selling console

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