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No Hard Feelings

No Hard Feelings trailer sees Jennifer Lawrence running through a door

The comedy film debuts in mid-June.

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We don't get as many pure comedy films in cinemas these days, so when one does come around, it's easy to get excited. Debuting in mid-June, No Hard Feelings will see Jennifer Lawrence starring as a young woman who is being tasked with bringing a young man out of his shell all before he leaves before college. Why, you ask? Because Lawrence's character is essentially an adult failure that regards herself as an Uber driver without a car and this young man's parents are promising to give her a car if she manages to extrovert their son.

The movie will be debuting in cinemas on June 16, 2023 (the same day as The Flash), and ahead of that, the latest red band trailer has arrived, giving us an unhinged look at the film, and boy, it sure looks like it has its moments.

No Hard Feelings

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