Cities: Skylines

No modding "yet at least" with Cities Skylines on Switch

We chat with Paradox Interactive about bring the city builder to Nintendo Switch.

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Back at Gamescom in late August we were privy to a behind closed doors presentation of Cities Skylines for the Nintendo Switch. The information was embargoed until Thursday last week, but as the Nintendo Direct got postponed so did the announcement for reasons that should be obvious. Either way, below is our video interview with Paradox Interactive's product manager Sandra Neudinger where she explains about some of the features and design decisions made for this version of the popular city builder.

Naturally one of the great appeals is to be able to bring Cities Skylines along with you on busrides and the likes in handheld mode, but the Switch version also offers other boons:

"When you place city services the device rumbles so you can see where it's most efficient to place it," says Neudinger of the HD rumble effect found in the game. "We also have Pro Controller support for those that are more hardcore console players."


How could something like Cities Skylines be made to fit on Nintendo Switch, and more importantly in handheld mode:

"It's probably two things," says Neudinger. "It's content. So for example for us a huge unique selling point for the PC version was the modding feature and that is something that we don't have, yet at least, because that's something we need to do in collaboration with Nintendo and we need to see how it works first of all and if people like to play it on a portable. But that's definitely something, but that also ties us to expansions, and DLC, and the more content the player has in their city, the harder it's going to be to make the simulations run smoothly. So that's something we're going to have to look into. I don't think we're going to be able to support it with everything as we have in the other [versions]. We're shipping it with both After Dark and Snowfall from the beginning, because we think that they package together quite nicely and really satisfied and happy with what Tantalus have made for the game so far."

The conversation also touched on the extended tutorial that's been added to the game. Cities Skylines is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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