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No more new content coming to Battlefield 4 CTE

Nothing else planned for the Community Test Environment.

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DICE LA isn't planning on adding any new content to its Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment (CTE).

While answering fan questions regarding DICE's intentions for content currently available on the CTE on Twitter, David Stirland, producer at DICE LA, did add that all the content that is playable on the CTE will continue to be available and there's no plans to shut down the CTE servers.

The CTE is where DICE has released content before launching into the game proper, so with them no longer adding new content there, it's safe to assume that no more new content is heading to the military shooter from here on in.

DICE LA's decision makes sense as a new Battlefield game is in the works and the team is likely focused on doing their part on that front. EA currently has the game slated for the 2016 holiday season.

Many fans are expecting Battlefield 5 to be a World War 1 shooter, and a Swiss retailer has suggested that the game is coming on or around October 26. All of this, however, is speculation at this point.

Battlefield 4

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