Phantasy Star Online 2

No plans to region lock Phantasy Star Online 2

After a long wait, fans can finally start looking forward to getting their hands on the MMORPG.

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We're very much looking forward to finally getting our hands on Phantasy Star Online 2, a game that we have been waiting eight years for after it was originally launched in Japan all the way back in 2012. As you likely know, it is coming to both PC and Xbox One (with a beta starting on February 7, but only in the US), but so far nothing has been confirmed for Europe.

Today, a fan took to Twitter, to find out if fans in Europe will be able to play as well, and they got this response, followed by a happy smiley:

"There are no plans to region lock Phantasy Star Online 2 at this moment. Thanks for reaching out!"

And there we have it. Prepare to experience epic sci-fi adventures and enormous bosses made by Sega's finest later this spring.

Phantasy Star Online 2

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