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Nomada talks to us about story of "personal evolution" in Gris

Creative director Conrad Roset joined us for a chat at Gamelab, where we spoke about last year's indie hit.

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Nomada Studio produced one of the hits of last year with Gris, and at Gamelab 2019 we managed to talk with creative director Conrad Roset to hear about what went into making this artistic and moving experience.

"We wanted to tell an emotional story, we wanted to concentrate on feelings, we touch emotionally the player," he explained via a translator. "So that's why we didn't want to tell too many elements about the story. We wanted it to have an open ending, and it's really a story about personal evolution."

"I would say that 70% of the people involved in Gris are not from the typical video game industry itself," Roset continued when talking about the development. "There's people from the art world, from the animation sector as well, cinema, advertisements - it was not just purely video game people. So that has helped us create a different product, and also for different people; it's not aimed at the typical people who play video games. It's opening the market, it's a wider audience."

Below you can watch the full interview from Gamelab, where Roset also talks about the use of colours in the game and influences like Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian.

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