Non-FNCS competitive Fortnite tournaments will no longer be region locked

Epic has decided to remove the limitation for the foreseeable future.

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For the longest time, Epic Games has imposed a rule that dictates anyone who wants to play in competitive Fortnite must do so only in their respective regions. This means that North American players can only partake in North American tournaments, European folk in the EMEA events, and so forth. This rule was in place for all levels of competitive play too, so not just the Fortnite Championship Series but also the lower divisions too. This is changing soon.

Epic has affirmed that for non-FNCS events the region locking rule is being removed meaning European players can enter American events, Asian players can join EMEA tournaments, and so forth.

Again, this doesn't apply to the FNCS, meaning the best action and players will still only compete against others in their region outside of international events.

Do you think this is the right move for competitive Fortnite's future?


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