Monster Hunter Rise

Nope, it's really not a fever dream, Monster Hunter Rise's Sonic collab is arriving on November 26

Prepare to audibly gasp when watching its brand-new trailer.

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Today really seems to be a day for weird collaborations, doesn't it? Ed Sheeran earlier teased that he's to be teaming up with Pokémon Go, and we've now received a release date for Monster Hunter Rise's Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration. The Blue Blur will be speeding his way into the game on November 26 and will be an event quest reward.

Three costumes will be made available within the event: The "Sonic Wear" hunter layered armour and two buddy layered armour sets themed after Sonic and Tails. It also appears to be possible for one of your buddies to transform into Super Sonic, but we don't know how exactly to achieve this. The trailer also sees the hunter running and gathering up golden rings, but it's unclear whether this will be included or if it was just for the trailer.

You can view the trailer in the video above, but be warned, it's the stuff of nightmares.

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