Bleeding Edge

Now we know exactly when the Bleeding Edge beta starts

Ninja Theory's next game is nearly ready for public consumption, and you can try the game early later this month.

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Ninja Theory's upcoming PvP team-based action game, Bleeding Edge, is launching on March 24. If you're looking forward to seeing the latest action-packed game from the Hellblade studio, there will be two betas that you can participate in before the full release.

Now, Ninja Theory has taken to Twitter to share exactly when those beta tests are starting, giving gamers a chance to kill others with larger-than-life characters in extremely colourful arenas:

Bleeding Edge

To participate in the beta, you only need an Xbox Game Pass subscription for either console or PC. There will also be pre-order bonuses to everyone who downloads and plays the game before March 31.

Bleeding EdgeBleeding EdgeBleeding Edge

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