Phantasy Star Online 2

Now you can buy Phantasy Star shampoo

Because: why not?!

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We have several die-hard Phantasy Star Online veterans in the Gamereactor team, poor souls who haven't experienced true happiness since it became obvious that Phantasy Star Online 2 would never see release outside of Asia. But in Japan, it's as big as ever and constantly getting fun new additions, just like Phantasy Star Online 2 shampoo and conditioner.

Sega is working with the brand Scalp D to deliver branded gear in the game like skins, costumes, and lobby animations where your character does a thorough hair wash (people saving the world shouldn't have dirty hair, that's a well-known fact). The shampoo and conditioner is sold in a bundle which includes the necessary download codes. If you want to find out more or even try to buy your own hair products, simply head this way. It is priced ¥7800 (roughly €59 / £52) and we assume it will be close to the same amount to get it shipped over here.

Phantasy Star Online 2
Phantasy Star Online 2

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